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eero’s welcome

by Jesper on July 7th, 2012

eero, Andy Arvanitis’ Pythonesque dialect of Objective-C, supported by a forked clang. It is to Objective-C what CoffeeScript is to JavaScript. Looks like a large undertaking and also hits a lot of spots right. Although empty arrays being mutable by default? That’s gotta be a bug farm.

(Some of you may remember previous ruminations on an “xlang” language. I don’t consider this to be it; “xlang” was my label for Apple’s side-by-side-cessor to Objective-C that would be compatible in the same way eero’s compatible, but that would be released by them, have full support throughout all the tools and probably introduce at least one new paradigm in the way that, say, blocks was a new paradigm. eero is just about as close as anyone outside of Apple can get to it, though.)

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  1. Eric permalink

    Eeeeeeww, python indentation :-(

    • Jesper permalink

      Quite. Significant Whitespace is one of the worst ideas invented by man. That a man who believed in taking pains to avoid invisible magic invented it and still champions it is one of our generation’s biggest mysteries.

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