Please Turn Off Your Pseudocode Jokes

Before this weblog begins proper, a brief announcement of an eternal, unchanging strategy.

Programming jokes based on emulating code are not ever funny. They chafe at the mind of their target audience the way the question whether a conjoined twin has “bonded” with its fellow twin must be. Not only are they focused on the form instead of the meaning, they are tired and predictable and don’t bring along insights nor laughs. To they extent they even qualify as humor, they are the “em, er, uh” of their art form — awkward filler to fill a less awkward silence.

So, in short, there won’t be any here, ever. There may be puns based on keywords — you try to catch me doing that though — but there won’t be any pseudocode.

7 thoughts on “Please Turn Off Your Pseudocode Jokes”

    1. Well, but his pseudo code was actually funny, not to vomit “ROLF” around the world, but I believe it was a perfect way to put it.


      foreach ( Person p in Humans ) { hisOwn( p ); }

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